Net Metering -Billing Process

Net Metering -Billing Process

Billing in net metering is simple and almost similar in every state but it is recommended to refer the respective State Policy for exact billing or it can be asked from Discom office as well.

A small scenario of billing in net metering  as below:

Assume a household connection of 5KW so equal amount of On grid solar system is installed on roof which generates – 25 Kwh/units per day.

Let say the consumption is only 10 KWh in day so out of 25Kwh, 15Kwh will be exported to Discom through net-meter. Now in night when Solar PV doesn’t work, consumption is 20KWh which will be consumed from Discom (Grid). Now we already had exported 15KWh.

Actual consumption = Consumption from Grid – Export from Solar

                                        = 20KWh-15KWh


So Discom Bill will charged on basis of fixed charges plus actual consumption. Bill will generated on monthly/bi-monthly with same approach cumulating daily actual consumption.