About Us

About Us

Renewable Energy Entrepreneurs  Professionals Association (REEPA) was established in 2018 as a Trust under Indian Trust Act. REEPA is governed by the Board of Trustees. This Board consists of the  Founding   Members who  are Professionals and Entrepreneurs with vast and varied experienced in different fields related to Renewable Energy.  General Members of REEPA are established and budding Entrepreneurs and Professionals in the field of  Renewable.  REEPA has Pan-India Presence  with Board of Trustees as also General Members being spread over in all regions of the country.

The objectives of REEPA :

1 To Promote all over the country, the usage of Renewable Energy like Solar, Wind Power, Bio- Mas Energy.
2. To Interact with Central and State Organizations in framing Renewable Energy Policies that are user-friendly and encourage spread of Renewable Energy Usage all over the nation.
3. To encourage and assist the youth to become Renewable Energy Entrepreneurs by providing them necessary training and exposure to the field.
4. To impart technical skills to Educated Youth to make them become Renewable Energy Professions.
5. To conduct programmes to develop Training Skills among experienced Renewable Energy Professionals so that they can Train new entrants. This programme is known as ‘Train the Trainers’
6. To set up Standards in Design, Installation and Maintenance of Renewable Energy Systems
7. To provide a common platform for reputed manufacturers and Members of REEPA so that Original Products are available to Members at best prices.
8. To provide platform for exchange of Professional Knowledge, Information and Business Links among the members of REEPA

Governing Body


Mr. Sanjay Kumar

Vice President

Mr. Anand Prakash Tiwari

Associate Vice President

Mr. Prateek Sharma
Mr. Vikrant Verma


Mr. Prashant Deshpandey

Joint Secretary

Mr. U.K.Shekhar
Mr. Sachin Sangle


Mr. Anand P Tiwari

Steering Committee

Mr. Arun Radke
Mr. Arvind Bhalerao
Mr. Kundan Dave

Honorary Members

Mr. K.P.Dhawad
Mr. Anand Baraman

Message From REEPA Team

Dear Website Visitors,
Welcome, I hope your visit to our website helps to come to know about REEPA and its objectives.

Though REEPA looks quite nascent but I am very proud that its board & the members carry vast knowledge in their own field having experience varying from 2 years to 35 years in their respective field. This experience, I am sure will help nurture REEPA to its destined endeavour.

I take this opportunity to let all of you know that REEPA’s today’s priority is to channelize its vibrant energy flowing thru the young blood. Shortly we shall be publishing our organisation structure focusing deep into regions and its Rural Area. Also we will be coming out with training calendar to organise knowledge sharing sessions which is one and the foremost objective of REEPA. We all REEPA members strongly believe in trust, transparency & mutual respect which shall be governed by strong systems and processes once in place shortly.

REEPA being a non-profit association would like to thank companies like Panasonic, Ksolare & Windstream who helped us to raise money for the very first Training Programme organized by Maharashtra Chapter at Nagpur.

I would thank Maharashtra Chapter under the leadership of Mr. K. P. Dhawad, VP-Training, for taking lead in organising the very first event.

Though you are reading this message on our website, but me and our team sincerely welcome the opportunity of meeting you in person at some point in time in future.

I wish you all a very happy New Financial Year ahead and hope you all will see REEPA taking lot of initiatives in near future towards achieving its objective.

(Sanjay Kumar)

Sanjay Kumar, President

Sanjay Kumar, President

Dear Members,
Greetings from the Office of Secretary, REEPA
It is a matter of pride for me to welcome you all as Secretary of the RENEWABLE ENERGY ENTREPRENEURS & PROFESSIONALS ASSOCIATION.

I am extremely delightful to address you through our own REEPA website. Hope you all will find yourself at right place to network and contribute altogether.

REEPA was founded with main aim of flourishing and nourishing renewable energy space in India. We had tried to bring synergies from all parts of country rather making a region-specific thought group. I am thankful to all 26 founding trustees where we share similar vision for renewable energy sector.

Our focus areas to work together as below:

  • Skills
  • Integrity
  • Quality
  • Innovation
  • Business Support

I am getting my knees for a long period under the metaphorical Honorary Secretary’s desk and starting the brainstorming, meetings, discussions around some of the very important issues concerning various activities of the association.
The Renewable Energy Entrepreneurs & Professionals association in India with Pan-India presence. REEPA is committed to maintain ambitious standards. The members are qualified by assessment of their passion to work in renewable, professional competence and bound by the association’s code of conduct.
I pray to god that may all of you attain professional eminence and receive the highest levels of gratitude of your people and society so that you continue to serve nature and your country.
with warm regards & best wishes
In service of Renewable Energy Entrepreneurs & professionals Association

(Prashant Deshpandey)

Prashant Deshpandey, Secretary

Prashant Deshpandey, Secretary

Dear Friends,

First of all I would like to thank you for trusting and giving me the opportunity to represent you as an office bearer in REEPA . It has been a breath-taking one and also full of experience, starting from helping friends in various dilemmas, I am also responsible for Admin the WhatsApp group of “Solar Professionals REEPA”. We have almost more than 200 experts from PAN India. The work continued and today I am the Vice President and Treasurer.
My main role as Treasurer is :
● To act as a controller for all the REEPA funds derived from all sources.
● Jointly with the President, Secretary and all VCs, approve costing of a particular budget.
I am equally responsible to engage with members, and help them solve any problems they encounter on the Solar thus acting as a bridge between members and the administration of the Trust. It’s my duty to ensure that no major decision has been taken without the approval of the board of trustees.
As the name goes, “Renewable Energy Entrepreneurs and Professionals’ Association” , this is indeed Professionals will have to voice out their opinion. It is undoubtedly our second home or our second place to be. I got so much from this Trust and I thought that it was high time to serve this Trust of ours.
Above all these, the interest of members have to be catered in the best way possible and I promise to give my best in this mission of ours. Together we will achieve the best and above we shall uplift the name of the REEPA .
The best advice that I will ever give you is that, difficulties will be there in life but never give up. Giving up will never imply that the problem will go away. You have to show those difficulties how difficult you are. If you have a dream, do not let it be a mere dream. Work to achieve it. It may take you a lot of time, but the final outcome at the end will give you a lot of self-satisfaction.
I seize the opportunity to wish all the members good luck for their future and undoubtedly, I know at the end, you will come out as winners.

(Anand P Tiwari)

Anand P Tiwari, Vice President

Anand P Tiwari, Vice President